Brain Tumour Ireland Launch Day

Official Launch of Ireland’s newest charity – Brain Tumour Ireland

Brain Tumour Ireland had its official launch in the Westbury hotel on Saturday the 3rd of November 2012. In what was a successful day, a number of prestigious guest speakers spoke to the assembled supporters. Kathy Oliver (Co director of International Brain Tumour Alliance) spoke about brain tumour patients, families and caregivers and the many challenges on the journey. Mr Stephen McNally (Neuro surgeon, Beaumont Hospital) addressed the packed room explaining where brain tumour treatment was at this current juncture in Ireland and where it hoped to be in the future. Liam Burke (Brain tumour survivor) recalled the shock and depression from the first diagnosis of his brain tumour to the positivity of attitude with which he used to take on the disease. He emphasised the importance of the love and support of family and those closest to you whilst undertaking this journey. And finally, Waterford native, Caroline Kane (Coordinator of Brain tumour support group in Cork and brain tumour survivor) spoke about the origins of the Irish Brain Tumour Support Group. She explained how she became involved in this group and the importance of having support groups. A very successful day concluded with a cup of tea and a chat amongst the assembled group that arrived as strangers and left as friends.