Camel Milk Me for Brain Tumour Ireland

This coming April, for 7 days straight, Michael Feeney will eat and drink nothing but camel milk…….

In an effort to raise much needed funds and awareness for Brain Tumour Ireland, Michael will embark on an ambitious campaign where he will fast for 7 days, relying solely on camel milk as his only source of nourishment.  Sounds crazy? Well, you’re right, it kind of is!

Like most of you, Michael loves food. It plays a central role in all our lives; the weekly grocery shop, preparing meals, eating snacks, dining out with friends, having lunch with colleagues……..

So it goes without saying that eating nothing, for a whole week, will undoubtedly be a test of his discipline, strength and a will to succeed for the charity. In testing himself in this way, we hope people will see the effort and sacrifice that’s being made and will help him by donating to this incredible charity.

Why not follow Michael as he Tweets, blogs and films his way through a week of nothing, but nothing, but camel milk.

Read more here or donate to help Michael reach his target