RunningOne week and a third of the way through the 908km run the entire length of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela !!

So far I have run 318km, just over a third of the distance. I am pretty wrecked; the average day in the life of the Camino is tough going. However I’m clocking up 40-50km per day and I’m happy with the progress so far.

I am overwhelmed by all the support back home. I barely told my family about this journey before I left. Now just a week in and with 318km down the news has spread and is creating incredible awareness for Brain Tumour Ireland. I honestly can’t believe it. Mum was a big supporter of charity events for friends and family over the years and she would be incredibly grateful.

It was in tribute to her strength and determined spirit that I took on this challenge which I have called “To the End of the Earth for Ronnie and Brain Tumour Ireland.”

The feedback on Facebook is really giving me a boost so please keep the messages coming! I am also really grateful to everyone who has donated to the cause and so far over €2,500 has been raised for Brain Tumour Ireland.

Anyone wishing to support the challenge by donating to Brain Tumour Ireland can do so at Niall’s My Charity Page.