The Road from Santiago to The End of the Earth (Finisterre)

There was a sense of fulfillment and achievement leaving Santiago but it was bittersweet as I  knew this was not the end. Moving on from Santiago towards Finisterre and leaving all the other pilgrims behind, has been one of the most difficult stages of the trip so far.

There is a certain camaraderie along the Camino which really lifts your spirits, whether with a 70 year old man cycling up the hills to stay fit for his grandkids, or a school tour of children cheering you on as you go by.

The path to Finisterre is a different journey. The weather has changed and I haven’t met any pilgrims along the track so far. Every kilometere is still tough and it’s not over until I reach that llightouse in Finisterre.

I’m quite literally on my last legs today but still pushing on for Mom and Brain Tumour Ireland.

I cannot thank everyone enough for all the support, messages and donations from back home. It is really keeping me going. Nearly there now. I hope to make it to Finisterre today or tomorrow.