Christmas in June in aid of Brain Tumour Ireland 2022

brain tumour ireland

Christmas in June, a fundraising event by Barbara Dowling.

Event Date: 26th June 2022

My name is Barbara Dowling and I am putting together an exceptionally large choir for a fundraising and awareness concert for Brain Tumour Ireland. 

This concert will be held in the WIT arena in Waterford on June 26th 2022. The choir will be accompanied by an orchestra of 200+ who will be traveling from all over Ireland, Europe, Great Britain and the USA in order to participate, all at their own expense. 

This concert will be quite unusual as it will be a full programme of Christmas music (yes in June!), but the majority of the arrangements are pieces that have never been performed here before. The Orchestral and Choral aspects of the production will be spearheaded by Liam Daly, Dr. Kevin O’ Carroll, Niall Crowley and Éimear Noone

All of the monies raised through ticket sales are going directly to Brain Tumour Ireland (CHY20506). This will not be an event where 3/4’s of the funds raised are going to cover expenses.. all funds are for the charity.

I really hope that you will be willing to give your time to enjoy this… just think of all the reacquainting that will happen, the craic and probably the bedlam that will be involved!!

A brief explanation behind the reasoning of this project:

Within 48 hours in July of 2019, I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, multiple sclerosis and thyroid cancer. It’s taken a while to get things sorted but it’s getting there! The tumour will stay where it is, a slow growing one that will eventually turn cancerous. The MS will be treated shortly now that the radioactive iodine treatment is finished and I’m delighted to say that I am now cancer-free! I’m lucky as the form of MS that I have is called relapsing-remitting MS and can be stopped from progressing once the treatment starts. It won’t fix the current issues but may ease them (which basically for me means I may get my full sight back, get full power back to the arms, fingers and legs, say goodbye to the tremors in the hands and best of all, some bit of balance so I don’t walk like the one that’s been on the bottle since early morning!

Throughout all this, I came in contact with an organisation called Brain Tumour Ireland (BTI) who have been unreal. There to steer you in the direction of help and advice, random check-ins just to make sure you’re doing ok and mostly not in your face but yet ever-present with support.

Why do I want to do this concert in June?

Simply because not everyone can wait for Christmas….

Tickets for this event go on sale from the 26th February via this link , tickets cost €25, included in ticket price is a glass of Mulled wine or a Hot Chocolate.

Doors open at 6.30 for a 7.30pm start. There will be plenty to see, hear and explore before entering the auditorium.

Thank you for your interest, support and we look forward to welcoming you to our Christmas in June event!


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