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Understanding brain tumour symptoms in children

Every year in Ireland, an average of 45 children and teenagers, are diagnosed with a tumour of the brain or spinal cord.
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Helping children to understand brain tumours

This information is for you, the parent or guardian; to provide you with information about the brain and spinal cord, the types of tumours that occur in this area, the different ways that these tumours are treated and how to explain brain tumours to children.

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Bedtime Stories with Brain Tumour Ireland

Dr Jane Pears – A Spooktacular Place To Be
Dr John Caird – The Tiger Who Came To Tea
Dr Tafadzwa Mandiwanza- Never Bring a Zebracorn to School
Dr Irwin Gill – The Koala Who Could

Support for siblings

When a family goes through a diagnosis like a paediatric brain tumour, it can be very tough on siblings. Young siblings may struggle to understand what is happening and this may be exacerbated by a change in routine with hospital visits, that can affect the whole family.

Young children and teenagers can feel neglected as the family focuses on the well-being of the child with the diagnosis. It’s ok for brothers and sisters to feel angry, hurt, and even jealous sometimes. It’s perfectly normal. It’s important to talk honestly and openly (in an age-appropriate way) with the siblings of children with a brain tumour. They will need support too. And parents should also be careful not to feel guilty when trying their best to spread their energy and resources among all members of the family who need them.

Brain Tumour Ireland

CanTeen Ireland

CanTeen Ireland is a nationwide support group for young people who have or had cancer, and also for their siblings and friends.


Barretstown offers free, specially designed camps and programmes for children and their families living with a serious illness – supported behind the scenes by 24-hour on-site medical and nursing care.

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