Talking about death, loss and grief.

Dealing with grief

Bryan Nolan is a Training and Facilitation Consultant specialising in Grief and Loss. We are extremely grateful to him for giving talks and facilitating sessions for Brain Tumour Ireland, including for this year’s Awareness Week. 

Bryan has made a series of videos with the Irish Hospice Foundation on dealing with bereavement.

It is important to know how to talk about death, loss and grief

The Boland Family

Learning from others

Parents Sheila and Barry Boland are friends of Brain Tumour Ireland. Sheila has written a blog about their beloved son Oisin who was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour in 2014.

Sheila says the blog is “Inspired by my son and butterfly boy, Oisin, who left his body in 2015, this blog offers support to others who are journeying through grief, trauma and change.”

It is a journey through the experiences of the Boland family and contains thoughtful reflections on life and on grief. It also details practical tips and ideas to help families deal with grief and loss.

You can read the blog here:

Talking about death, loss and grief.

Children Grieve Too

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The Shapes of Grief Podcast is hosted by Wicklow based Liz Gleeson, psychotherapist and bereavement specialist.

Sheila Boland (above) gave an interview on episode 36 of the podcast, speaking about the experience of their family through Oisin’s diagnosis and dealing with grief.

The Episode, “When Your Child Dies- Mindfulness & Spirituality as a Resource” is accessible here at