Brain Tumour Ireland and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland present:

“Research, clinical practice and rehabilitation: an evening to review and discuss ongoing advancements in brain tumour studies in Ireland.”

Introduced by Prof Annette Byrne, Head of the RCSI Precision Cancer
Medicine (PCM) Group, RCSI Dept of Physiology and Medical Physics & RCSI
Centre for Systems Medicine (CSM).

‘Searching for New Ways to Tackle Glioblastoma’, – Dr Kate Connor,
Research Fellow & Honorary Lecturer, PCM Group GBM sub-group leader.

‘Surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, but now what? Exploring the rehabilitation needs of people with brain tumours in Ireland’ – Prof Frances Horgan, Professor, School of Physiotherapy.

‘Brain tumours: current practice and recent advancements’ – Mr Kieron
J. Sweeney, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Beaumont Hospital and RCSI Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer.

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