Resource videos to help children understand brain tumours


Every year in Ireland, an average of 45 children and teenagers are diagnosed with a tumour of the brain or spinal cord. Brain tumours are the most common tumours seen in children,  and account for 2 in 10 new cases of childhood cancer every year. 

A diagnosis like this is of course, a very stressful time for the entire family. 

This information is written for you, the parent or guardian; to provide you with information about the brain and spinal cord, the types of tumours that occur in this area, the different ways that these tumours are treated and how to explain brain tumours to children. 

Understanding a Brain Tumour in children 

Understanding Brain Tumour Scans 

Understanding Steroids for children living with a Brain Tumour 

Understanding Radiotherapy 

Understanding Chemotherapy 

Understanding Neurosurgery 

Understanding a Brain Tumour in a Parent 

Understanding a Brain Tumour in a Sibling 

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